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Mr. Atif Ikram Sheikh, Chairman PVMA









Mr. Atif Ikram Sheikh, Chairman PVMA

Pakistan Vanaspati Manufacturers Association (PVMA)

It gives me great pleasure to welcome the international and local dignitaries to the 5 th Pakistan Edible Oil Conference. PEOC is fast becoming an important fixture in the international calendar regarding the edible oils and fats sector and forecasting of industry dynamics. We are happy that PEOC is now attracting reputable speakers from across the world. In the audience of course, apart from the international delegates, we have all the leading players of Pakistan’s oil and fats industry, representing one of the largest and most important market of edible oil and fat products in the world. The Pakistan Vanaspati Manufacturer’s Association represents 129 manufacturing units with a capacity to manufacture 4.5 million tons of Vegetable Ghee and Cooking Oil. In addition, PVMA members buy over 3.2 million tons of edible oil from the international market every year and around 1.3 million ton of soft oil from Solvent Extractors and Local Producers. As one of the largest employers, importers and tax payers in the country, the importance of PVMA to the national economy cannot be ignored. However, even more important is the fact that PVMA members provide safe and economical products to the 220 million population of Pakistan; products that are a critical source of calories, added vitamins and required fats to the diet of the nation. As responsible members of the industry, PVMA companies are committed to upholding the highest standards of product quality and food safety for their consumers. In closing, I would once again like to extend a very warm welcome to all the foreign delegates, as well as the worthy local guests and hope they will mutually benefit from PEOC’s rewarding session based on experience, insights and analysis brought forth on this platform by the speakers, but will also be able to share our ideas and experiences to take our industry into a brighter and stronger future; for ourselves, our consumers and above all, our country.


Pakistani Edible Oil Refiners Association (PEORA)

PEORA is a registered body to look after and facilities the interest of edible oil refineries in Pakistan. Pakistan has embarked on the journey of value addition by installing continuous plants to refine crude palm oil and soft oils. the refiners in Pakistan are providing fresh quality of refined palm oil and palm fatty acid distillate to soap industry/ghee industries.

The Edible Oil Refineries are in-fact adding value t their products in terms of quality and technology. PEORA also advocates continuous training for their members to keep pace with the changes in technology of continuous refining plants.

Pakistani Soap Manufacturers Association (PSMA)

Soap Industry is a very well established industry in Pakistan, which not only meets the entire needs of the country but also export a part of its production to Middle East & African Countries. Although the Business climate withered under the sweeping sections and counter measures that the Pakistan Government unleashed to salvage tattered economy of the country. In short, poor economic scenario triggered panic in the country, but Soap Industry not only generating huge revenue to the Government but also raising level of production and stem growing unemployment in the country.There are approximately 600 Factories making Soap and employing 250,000 workers in Pakistan, 450 in unorganized sector & more than 150 in organized sector. The Total production of Soap is estimated approx. 1,250,000 Metric Ton per year.

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